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Book Review: Teddy-Dog On His Best Walk

Reading and sharing books is such an important part of our life here at Fraser’s Fun House and I always enjoy discovering new stories to share with Leo. Usually I opt for paper or hardback books as for me personally nothing beats the experience of a real book, however we do use Kindle occasionally to download new stories, especially when we are going away from home as it’s more practical. Recently I discovered the Teddy-Dog series of books, whilst they are available in both Paperback and Kindle format I decided to download onto my Kindle ready for our holiday next month.

Last month saw the release of the second book in the series which stars curious Cockerpoo Teddy-Dog. The story follows owner Ivor as he tries to decipher which walk is Teddy-Dog’s favourite. Will it be the beach, the countryside, the woods or somewhere else entirely?

The book is illustrated using real photos which depicts Teddy-Dog taking walks in several different places, showing the things he discovers along the way, including tractors, spooky looking woods as well as other dogs. The pictures are truly beautiful, and every page is different which allows Teddy-Dog’s personality to really shine through – I’m sure you will agree he is super cute! I like it when children’s books use photographs to tell the story, I feel it adds a more realistic spin to the tale as well as offering a great opportunity for discussion about what’s happening in the picture.

The story itself is a series of short rhyming verses made of up of four lines each so not too long for younger readers and ideal for those who are able to read to themselves. There is some repetition too which I’m sure most parent’s will tell you is always a winner, kids love a spot of repetition which allows them to feel more familiar and engaged.

Leo and I really enjoyed this second offering from self-published author Ivor Pett, it’s such a sweet story with a wonderfully poignant ending, which I won’t spoil for you! Leo had a bad experience with a dog when he was younger and as such is always rather wary of dogs so any way I can get him to connect with even the idea is fantastic. Being real photos as opposed to cartoon dogs meant that we could discuss at length about how when out most dogs are on leads and usually not at all bothered about him, but usually more interested in being out on a walk. The story helps to show how loveable dogs can be and has a fantastic message of friendship too.

I hope there are more stories in the pipeline about Teddy-Dog as I’m sure there are plenty more adventures he can take us along on.

Fancy reading the adventures of Teddy-Dog with your little one?

Teddy-Dog On His Best Walk is available to purchase from Amazon or if you want read his first adventure Teddy-Dog In A Runaway Adventure is available here.

About The Author

Ivor Pett does indeed have a pet – a joyful, energetic, cute, curious, loving and well-loved cockapoo (spoodle) called Teddy-Dog. Ivor is [secretly] a Headteacher of a UK school and wants to encourage young people to fall in love with reading. Ivor has two children of his own and recognises the special times that are shared through bedtime stories. It is Ivor’s hope that many children and families can enjoy seeing the world through the innocence and curiosity of a puppy dog who can teach us all some valuable lessons as Teddy-Dog learns about loyalty, friendship and fun.


3 thoughts on “Book Review: Teddy-Dog On His Best Walk

  1. Awww! Teddy-Dog is super cute and looks like he has some really fun adventures! 😍 I also had a bad experience with a dog when I was younger and I was afraid of them for a long time. Reading this book back then would have been great to reassure me that not all dogs are scary! Thanks for sharing another brilliant review Melanie 💖 xx

    Bexa |


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