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The Mystery Blogger Award: Round Two

It’s been a while since I was nominated for any of these blogger awards so many thanks for Jo from Pickle & Poppet for tagging me! If you haven’t already make sure you check out Jo’s blog it’s full of wonderful lifestyle and parenting posts – be sure to check out my guest post while you are visiting! Apologies Jo for taking so long to get my post up – I’m sure you can all relate life gets rather hectic sometimes!

I really enjoy completing and reading these posts as they allow us bloggers to get to know each other a bit better! The Mystery Blogger Award was created by Okotoenigma and is one I have actually taken part in already way back in November, but the joy of these awards is that you can complete them more than once as the questions are always different!

Without further ado, here we go……


The Rules

  1. Put the award logo/image on your blog
  2. List the rules
  3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
  5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  6. Nominate 10 – 20 people
  7. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
  8. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)
  9. Share a link to your best post(s)

Jo’s Questions For Me

If you had the power to change one thing (and it could be anything), what would you change and why?

I would love to be able to change the world for my children and eliminate the hatred, conflict and in just things that happen every day. Plus be able to reverse the damage that has been inflicted on our beautiful planet securing a safe environment for them to grow up in.

What is your ‘Go To’ film?

This is a tough question for me as I have quite a few that I use for ‘Go To’ viewings . If I had to choose one it would have to be Grease followed closely by Austin Powers. I have watched them so many times I can quote them word perfect yet still enjoy them each and every time I re-watch!

What is your biggest pet hate?

I can’t stand people who go to the loo and don’t wash their hands, yuk! So many times, recently I have used the toilet in a public place and heard people leave without washing their hands and it is disgusting. It only takes a couple of minutes, it’s just pure laziness

It’s the day before the end of the world, how are you spending your time? What are you doing?

Eating all the naughty things I usually try to limit as it wouldn’t matter if the world was ending! Plus it goes without saying I would be spending time with my family, although I’m not sure I would share my goodies with them!

If you had to replace your hands with something other than hands, what would you put at the end of your arms and why? (this is my silly question)

Extra mouths to enable me to consume more cake!

3 Things About Me

  1. My favourite vegetable is brussel sprouts and even though my whole family despise them I force them to eat a minimum of one at Christmas!
  2. When I was younger I used to be a baton-twirling majorette – nowadays I struggle walk up the stairs without being out of breath!
  3. I tried sushi for the first time recently aged 37 and loved it! Now wondering why I left it so long!

My Best Posts

37 Things I Have Learnt In 37 Years – I loved reflecting on all of the things I have learnt along the way in this Birthday post, some serious and some with a hint of humour!

You Don’t Have To Be SuperMum! – This is one of my favourite posts as I wrote it with the hope of reassuring new parents out there that they aren’t alone and they don’t have to strive to be what they think people want them to be. Being a new parent is one of the most daunting things and if my post helps just one person I will be happy.

Top Tips To Reduce Your Supermarket Bill – I’m sure most people would quite like to shave some money from their supermarket bill and I decided to do just that! This post shares tips I learnt along the way which have helped me lower my bill and most importantly keep it low!

5 Questions For My Nominees

  1. What has been your biggest achievement to date?
  2. Which three famous faces (alive or dead) would you invite to a dinner party?
  3. If you were given 1 million pounds what would be the first thing you bought?
  4. What was the last thing you ate?
  5. If you could only wear swimwear for the rest of your life which style and design would you choose?


My Nominees Are……

Hello Bexa

Tasha – Ridiculously Ordinary

Joy – Sunkissed Scribbles

Kim – Northumberland Mum

Lou – Book Murmuration

Emma – Booking Good Read

Lisa’s Notebook


Jenny In Neverland

Directly Laura

I look forward to reading everyone’s posts! If you remember please give me a tag when you post so I can give it a read!

6 thoughts on “The Mystery Blogger Award: Round Two

  1. This was a really fun post to read Melanie! Loved your answers, especially choosing extra mouths to enable more cake consumption, very wise he he! I love sushi and quite like Brussels sprouts too, I don’t understand why they have such a bad reputation 😆🙈. Thank you for the nomination lovely! 💖 xx

    Bexa |


  2. This post made me giggle!
    I’m also a massive fan of grease, that would definitely be my go-to film too. 💖
    Brussel Sprouts have to be a NO from me though, although my daughter loves them! 🤢 I’ve never tried Sushi, have always wanted to, mainly to see what all the hype was about… I may have to be daring and give it a try haha.
    Thank you for the nomination Mel 😘 xx


  3. Thanks for the recommendation! I have done this one before so I probably wouldn’t do it again but I enjoyed reading your answers. I can’t believe you took that long to try Sushi! I absolutely loveeeee Sushi xxx


  4. I’m totally with you on the more cake mouths front – also for chocolate 😋 Much as I love Grease, my go to movies are actually the two How To Train Your Dragon films. The first for the story, the second for the flying sequence with Hiccup and Toothless, and all of Toothless’ expressions. Don’t judge me, haha! Fab post, Melanie, and thank you so much for the nomination! Xx

    Lisa |


  5. Aww thank you so much for the nom Mel! Ahaha this definitely made me chuckle :’) Your answers were amazing and so thoughtful especially the first and the fourth question. Lol at eating all the naughty stuff, I bet I’d be doing thaat too though I’m pretty sure I already have more than one cheat day 😮 Also Grease & Austin Powers rocks!! ❤

    xx Lena |


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