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Blog Tour: Love The Stationery In Your Classroom By Rebecca Palliser

About The Book

This delightful little book encourages children to learn about – and have fun with – the stationery they encounter in the classroom. Author Rebecca Palliser wants to help all children to find their feet in the primary school classroom.


The stationery that lives in the school classroom have had enough of the children being rough with them. Poor rubber has been stabbed with a pencil, the glue’s hat has been left off leaving her to dry out and even the chair has been injured thanks to being repeatedly swung on. Not knowing what to do they get together one evening and despite sharpener suggesting they seek revenge it’s decided that the best way would be to educate the children on how to treat the stationery with respect and send they pen a letter.

This is a wonderfully sweet picture book is ideal for children about to start school or even those that are already attending Primary. The ‘injuries’ sustained by the stationery are all ones that I’m sure you have been guilty of when you were younger – it was awfully satisfying to push a pencil into a rubber wasn’t it! With its rhyming verse the story delivers a fantastic message to children about taking care of the equipment in the school environment. The book gives the inanimate objects personalities and discusses how they feel when they are treated badly which allowing the reader to feel empathy and hopefully remind them to treat their equipment with respect in the future.

The bright, colourful pages and wonderful illustrations really help bring the story to life and engage the reader. Leo is starting school this September so this book is perfect and he really enjoyed reading this fun, quirky take on a ‘starting school’ book. Reading this story opened up a discussion about treating equipment, not only at school, but at home carefully and respectfully without me sounding like I was giving him a lesson which was great! Being only 4yrs old we shared this book together; however, the large clear font would be suitable for early readers with perhaps a little adult assistance. My verdict: a fun, quirky, unique picture book that delivers an important life lesson about respect and care.

About The Author

Rebecca Palliser is a young primary school teacher whose experiences in the classroom inspired her to write to have an influence on her pupils. 

She is about to embark on a Masters programme where she hopes to continue to write alongside her studies. 

She takes inspiration for her stories from her travels exploring different cultures and cities, spending time with her little dog Darcy and of course her biggest muse, the delightful pupils she is fortunate to teach.

Love The Stationery In Your Classroom is available to purchase from Amazon

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