National Read A Book Day: TBR Pile Inspiration

Today is National Read A Book Day and for someone as passionate about books as I am I felt it deserved recognition. This day represents nothing more than gentle encouragement for people to find a book that interests them and spend the day (or some of it) reading – which sounds like heaven to me! I always ensure I make time to read daily even if it’s a snatched 10 minutes before settling down to sleep in the evening, but today I will be dedicating some time to snuggle up with a brew and a book and lose myself for a few hours.

Like most bibliophile’s my TBR pile is a teetering stack that only ever grows thanks to the magnetic draw I experience whenever I pass a bookshop. So, to help give you some inspiration for #readabookday I thought I would share some I can’t wait to get my teeth into.

Still Me By JoJo Moyes

This book has been on my TBR pile for such a long time and I can’t wait to read it as I thoroughly enjoyed Me Before You and After You . JoJo Moyes is one of my favourite authors and usually I devour her books as soon as they are published so I’m super excited to get around to finding out what happens next!

Gross Anatomy By Mara Altman

 This one is a reasonably new addition to the pile, but I have read so many positive reviews of this “Hugely funny and unashamedly body positive” book so it’s been fast-tracked to the top of the pile.

Supernova By Ericka Waller

 This book was kindly sent to me by author Ericka Waller for not only me, but also my teenage daughter to read. It’s a book that deals with the often-taboo subject of mental health, specifically Anxiety with which we both suffer. I haven’t read any reviews for this book yet, but the blurb sounds intriguing and right up my street.

The Brighton Mermaid By Dorothy Koomson

Again this is another of my favourite Author’s whose books I usually read in the first week of publication and has sadly sat neglected. I am nearly finished completing the books and reviews for the tours I am committed to and this will be top of the pile when I am! I just adore Koomson’s style of writing, if you haven’t read any of her work I urge you to give it try.


McFly – Unsaid Things…Our Story

I am a MASSIVE McFly fan and despite reading books now written by Tom (and of course Giovanna) I have never read this story of the band. It was recommended a while ago by a friend thanks to it’s open and honest accounts of the boy’s experiences and has lingered at the bottom of the pile for too long!

Aaru By David Meredith

 Author David Meredith approached me a short while ago asking if I would be interested in reviewing his new self-published novel and when I read the blurb I couldn’t say no. The premise of this story sounds gripping and I’m excited to see how it plays out.

From Daughter to Woman By Kim McCabe

Being a Mum to two teenage girls when I read the tagline of this book “Parenting Girls Safely Through TheirTeens” I knew it was a need rather than a want to read. Luckily for me the publisher sent me this copy for review and I’m hoping to find plenty of tips and advice within to help the three of us navigate these teenage years with success!

Five Years From Now By Paige Toon

At risk of repeating myself, like Dorothy Koomson and JoJo Moyes, Paige Toon ranks up there as one of my favourite authors whom I have neglected this year. Having read she has another book,  One Perfect Christmas and Other Stories due for release very soon I know I have to get this one read ASAP!


How to be Champion By Sarah Millican

This is a book I have had my eye on for ages and recently a fellow blogger pointed out it was only 99p on Kindle so of course it was added to the ever-growing pile. We love stand-up comedy in our house and I would be hard pushed to pick my favourite, but Sarah Millican must be up there near the top of the list. If this book is even half as funny as I have heard it is I can’t wait!


This is a VERY small selection from my TBR pile, chosen because they are ones that I am eagerly anticipating reading and will be enjoyed at the earliest possible time! I hope this post has given provided you with some inspiration about which book to read today!

Will you be reading today as part of National Read A Book Day? What are you currently reading? Do you have a TBR pile to be proud of? Let me know in the comments below and most of all enjoy reading!

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8 thoughts on “National Read A Book Day: TBR Pile Inspiration

  1. As a fellow bibliophile, I really enjoyed this post. Definitely going to add Super Nova to my reading list. I am currently reading Human biodiversity by Jonathan Marks. The kids are reading the Velveteen Rabbit today (what a classic). Thank you for sharing


  2. It looks like you have some great reads here Melanie! I really want to read some of JoJo Moyes books as I really enjoyed Me Before You on film. I’ve also seen a lot of positive reviews for Five Years From Now and keen to read that too. Great post, happy reading! ❤ xx

    Bexa |


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