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10 Reasons To Love Autumn

It’s September which can only mean one thing……IT’S AUTUMN! Unlike most I’m delighted and more than ready to say goodbye to the heat and hay fever filled Summer months. I love the cooler crisp weather and the changing colours of the leaves, they give me a real nostalgic feel.  I remember fondly heading back to school with my bag full of brand new stationery and having to go in early when the street lights came on, both happy memories I associate with the Autumn months. There are so many reasons to love Autumn my list could have become rather lengthy; however, I have limited myself to just 10 to share!


Darker Evenings

As the nights draw in there’s nothing better than closing the curtains on the world. I love to shut the cold, dark evening out, light some Autumn scented candles and settle in for the night with the family.

Leaf Jumping

Even without the kids I think this would still be one of my favourite things to do in Autumn. As soon as the leaves start to change colour and fall to the ground I’m itching to get out there and channel my inner child with a spot of leaf jumping. It’s great to let your inhabitations go, make a huge pile and simply dive in! The best time though is when the leaves are crunchy – I just love the sound they make.

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I love the excitement of Halloween possibly even more then the kids – who doesn’t like a spot of fancy dress! We love choosing and carving Pumpkins together to light up our front doorstep encouraging trick or treaters to knock on the door. We always ensure we have a ginormous bowl full to the brim with sweet treats for the ghosts and ghouls who ring the doorbell and best of all I get to nibble the leftovers!



It’s time to pack away your sandals and vest tops and dust your woolly jumpers off! As the temperature drops you’ll need to wrap up warm and there’s nothing comfier than a snuggly jumper. It’s also a perfect excuse to go shopping and revamp your wardrobe with some of the new Seasons key pieces and who doesn’t like a spot of retail therapy?

Christmas Planning

Christmas is my favourite day of the whole year and although I plan year-round, once Autumn hits it means I’m allowed to talk about it without getting strange looks! Also, once the kids go back to school I kick the planning up a gear or two and ensure I have my lists and plans finalised to make sure the big day goes without a hitch.


Hot Chocolate

As soon as Autumn arrives it’s like I’m given the green light to over-indulge in my favourite cold weather beverage. Heaven is a deliciously thick mug of hot chocolate, complete with marshmallows and topped generously with cream, yummy! Hot chocolate and Autumn just go hand in hand and make the perfect pairing, it’s practically against the law not to partake in a mug or two!

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We are extremely lucky where we live as our Bonfire and fireworks display is spectacular and best of all it’s free! Every year without fail we all wrap up in our hats, scarves and gloves and head down to the local park and every year it blows my mind just how amazing the experience is. There’s something magical about fireworks that gives me a wonderful warm glow inside and I love sharing the experience with my family.

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Comfort Food

There’s no need to worry about maintaining a Summer body anymore and I can happily give in to the comfort food cravings that descend as the temperature drops. Autumn is filled with delicious seasonal foods, all impossible to resist so it’s just as well I’ve abandoned my skimpy Summer clothes! My favourite thing to cook during Autumn are delicious casseroles to help stave off the cold and keep tummies happy too.

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Blankets and Snuggles

When it’s cold outside I love to grab a blanket or two, turn the fire on and snuggle on the sofa with the kids (or hubby if he can find a space). Chilly Autumn days were made for snuggling under a blanket and watching a film or two – perhaps even a Christmas movie if I’m lucky!

It’s Nearly Winter!

Now whilst I love Autumn and everything it has to offer its Winter that truly holds my heart. Autumn for me is exciting as it’s the warm-up act before the grand finale that is Winter!  I have shared my thoughts on the blog before explaining why Nothing Beats Winter, but Autumn comes a very close second.

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