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Book Review: Clara’s Search For Magic By Alexis Hunter

When choosing books to share with my children I have never been one to judge a book by its cover, it’s what’s inside that counts! I often find children’s books are specifically marketed by gender – fairies for girls and trains for boys as an example, but for me a story is just that, a tale for everyone to enjoy whatever the subject matter. The book I’m sharing today is one which I’m sure at first glance many would dismiss as a ‘girls’ book thanks to it’s wonderfully pink, colourful cover, but don’t be deceived this is a fabulous tale with a lesson for every child (and adult) regardless of gender.

Author Alexis Hunter recently sent me a copy of her children’s picture book Clara’s Search For Magic to share with Leo and like every new book he was keen to read it straight away and was thrilled that the cover was pink as it’s his favourite colour!

The book tells the story of Clara who is desperate to go to the school of magic, but the mean headmaster won’t allow her in as she is just an ‘ordinary’ girl who doesn’t possess magic and he simply slams the door on her. Undeterred Clara sets out to discover where she can find some magic to allow her to fulfil her dream of attending the magic school. Along the way she meets several magical folks including a rainbow rabbit, a witch and a fairy, all of whom are unable to help her. Never giving up Clara soon discovers some magic bubbles and wants to find out how they are made. Initially a little disappointed upon discovering the answer she soon realises she had magic inside her all along.

This is such a sweet story with an important message for children and adults to take away, that everyone is special in their own way. Leo and I really enjoyed the story, it prompted plenty of conversation which is always a sign of a really well written tale in my opinion.

The book has quite a few words per page, so is one to read together with younger children, however more accomplished readers will be able to read independently as there are no complicated words. The book is illustrated beautifully by Ira Baykovska and the pictures really help bring the story to life – we particularly like the rainbow rabbit!

Thank you once again to Alexis for allowing us to read her fabulous book and remember pink isn’t just for girls, lets break down those assumptions and share stories of every kind with our children!

Clara’s Search For Magic is available to purchase from Amazon*.

*This post contains affiliate links
** I was gifted a copy of his book in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own

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