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Babycchinos London: Stylish Bags For Modern Parents

Something every parent across the land will tell you is that kids don’t travel light. Despite being small in stature, from the day they make their screaming entrance into the world they require a full entourage just for a trip to the shop to buy milk. As new-borns that consists of nappies, wipes, formula and enough outfit changes to start your own kids clothing store. However, fast-forward a few years and despite mastering toilet training and having fewer accidental spillages there will always be drinks, snacks and that toy that MUST travel everywhere with you!

With so many essentials to carry it’s important to find a bag that provides ample space to store everything safely whilst out and about. Of course, practicality is imperative, however if it’s going to become your constant travel companion it must to be easy on the eye too. Babycchinos London offers both these components with their hand-picked collection of stylish bags for modern parents.

Babycchinos have taken inspiration for their collection from Sweden where Father’s are encouraged to take Paternity Leave whilst Mother’s return to work, giving both parents the opportunity to bond with the new baby. Affectionately termed ‘Latte Pappa’s’, thanks to regularly being spotted hanging out in coffee shops, these Dad’s inspired Babycchinos to create their collection to cater to the tastes of both parents.

When recently contacted by Babycchinos to road test one of their vast range of bags, I was overjoyed that my poor handbag may get a break from being crammed full of ‘essentials’. Despite being five, when we head out for the day I always pack a bag for Leo filled with spare clothes, drinks, books, toys for the journey and enough snacks to sink a ship! My motto is ‘you can never over prepare’ and when we are away from home even for the day I tend to pack for every eventuality!

The Babycchinos website offer bags in a vast array of styles from backpacks to clutch and everything in-between, with something to suit every style. We were kindly gifted the Large Messenger Changing Bag in light grey and despite reading the dimensions on the website the first thing that shocked me when it arrived was its sheer size. It is ginormous, on a par with a large weekend holdall and the perfect size for your needs whatever stage your child it at. Thanks to its size the uses for this bag are simply endless – it’s actually perfectly proportioned for use as a labour/hospital bag! Despite its roomy capacity though it’s surprisingly lightweight making it easy to carry even when full.

At first glance you wouldn’t automatically realise it’s a ‘changing bag’ as its modern, stylish design is a far cry from similar bags often emblazoned with kid-friendly patterns. Being grey it’s not only on-trend but makes a superb unisex accessory for Mum’s and Dad’s alike. Whilst its gorgeous to look at its the functionality of this bag that’s the real winner, its off the scale. It’s well thought out design has everything a parent could ask for. Thankfully it’s also water resistant and wipe clean, which was music to my ears as light-coloured things and little sticky fingers are not a good match!

The main zipped compartment has three thermal drinks holders, two mesh pockets and a huge space for clothing and other essentials. The bag also comes with a matching foldaway travel change mat and a wet pocket ideal for travel with little ones.

There is also has a large zipped back pocket, ideal for items you need close at hand and a small front zipped pocket which has a string clip perfect for attaching a dummy or even your keys to save you rummaging when you will undoubtedly have you hands full! Finally, it has two generously sized zipped side pockets, one with a small outer zip for easy access to those vital items like wipes or tissues. With so much space it’s practically impossible not to be organised.

The bag can be carried using the two handles or the adjustable cross-body strap provided – I personally prefer wearing it across my body to leave my hands free! I’m really impressed with the quality of the bag, it feels and looks much more expensive than it’s £55 price tag. It’s clear from the attention to detail that it’s been specifically designed for it’s target market and it hits the nail on the head in every aspect.

I absolutely adore this bag, it’s perfect from birth and will grow with your family. For us, as a family of five, its size means we can fit in everything needed for a full day out and possibly even a weekend away at a push. In my opinion it’s much more than a changing bag, instead it’s more of a family bag that will continue to be used by us for many years to come. It’s affordable, well-made, durable and more than fulfils its purpose, you simply can’t ask for any more than that.

You can view the full range of available styles by visiting the Babycchinos Website

*We were gifted a messenger bag in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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